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Oil & Vinegar

July 13, 2009

Normally for cooking I will use any regular balsamic vinegar that you can find at the grocery store. I haven’t found a real difference in flavor once it is combined with other ingredients in a pan. I save the really thick, expensive ones to use for dipping or to lightly sprinkle over salads.

One of my favorite vinegars is from O&Co. Unfortunately, Arizona does not yet have an O&Co, but you can order from them online If you are in New York, they have a lovely store in Grand Central Station. Sean and I were in New York in early June and I made sure to ship a few bottles home.

We do have something that Grand Central Station does not. While O&Co. does also carry wonderful Olive Oils, my favorite is local and comes from Queen Creek Olive Mill ( Their Mexican Lime Olive Oil is truly the best. I go through it way too quickly. I am hoping that Sean and I can take a trip out to their farm at some point this summer and get to see how they do it.

A dash of the Mexican Lime with a splash of O&Co.’s vinegar is all I use as salad dressing anymore. The flavors are incredible!

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  1. Terri Schouten permalink
    March 11, 2011 4:26 pm

    Love the blog! You are so right about Queen Creek olive oils. The farm is a fun trip especially this time of year. We are looking forward to the heirloom tomatoes. Can’t wait to try the sauce recipe. One of our favotire salads is the Caprese with Bob’s lovely tomotoes and basil – can’t get enough. Thanks so much to you and your family for all the good fresh food at our dinner table. My son Theo is really enjoying the carrots and cucumbers in his school lunches. He won’t eat the carrots in the cafeteria, he says they aren’t as good and sweet as Bob’s carrots.
    Thanks again,
    The Schouten Family

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