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Cool beans…

November 24, 2009

We recently started carrying Rice Beans. This cute little beans look like large grains of rice and have an incredible flavor. Marsha prepared some for me to try the other night and they were wonderful. When I asked her how to prepare them, her reply was “Oh, you know, just like you make beans.”

Umm… okay.

I did get a little detail from her, including that rice beans do cook faster than other types, which was good to know. The result is definitely worth it.

Rice Beans
3 cups of rice beans
Chicken Stock
1 or 2 cloves of garlic, chopped
1/2 onion, chopped
1 ham hock
1/2 tsp. of salt
1/2 tsp. of cayenne pepper

Cover the rice beans with 1/2 water and 1/2 chicken stock, enough to cover the beans with 2″ to 3″ of liquid. Add the garlic, onion, ham hock and seasonings. Simmer in a crock pot or on the stovetop for one hour.

These beans would be really good with chopped kale, chard or spinach. Just a thought!

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