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Good Morning!

December 3, 2009

What a wonderful way to start a day!

Sean, Aidan and I called my Dad and step-mother Lisa the other day and asked if they wanted to take a trip with us. That it involved a promise of hash browns was met with an enthusiastic response.

The five of us went to downtown Phoenix for Matt’s Big Breakfast. We remember Matt and Erenia from their days at Pizzeria Bianco’s. I was so happy for them to see the crowd around their front door patiently waiting for a table. (Don’t fear… the wait was short and worth it!)

Before I get started on the food, let me just say that the service was impeccable. Our coffee never reached the bottom of the cup, our food arrived in a blink, and any request was answered before asked. And they were nice.

There is a reason it is named Matt’s Big Breakfast, because they do treat breakfast like a big deal. Lisa and I decided while we were enjoying the sunshine outside that we were going to order whatever it was that we were smelling. There was the most wonderful rosemary, potato aroma teasing us. Lucky for us that all of their breakfast items come with a side of those home fries or the hash browns. I did go with the fries, but only after I made a deal with Dad that he order the hash browns. I will report that both were as heavenly as they smelled! (Yes, I did steal from my father’s plate.)

Aidan had the waffles… which he told me to write that they were wonderful with 1,000 exclamation points. Can’t say more than that. Actually we all felt that way about what we chose. Sean and Lisa both had something called “The Hog & Chick”, a dish they enjoyed as much as the name.

Just as we were all feeling happily full and fulfilled a plate of pancakes somehow ended up on our table and we rallied. Now, to clarify, I like pancakes, but truthfully a pancake is a pancake. They all taste more or less the same to me. That is until I had Matt’s pancakes. The five of us dug in greedily, all of the same opinion. I don’t know how they make them – but those pancakes were like nothing I have had before.

We drove home happy and all in need of a nap. I am pretty sure that Dad and Lisa will take this trip with us again. Only next time it will be on the promise of pancakes too!

Matt’s Big Breakfast
801 North 1st Street
Phoenix, AZ

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