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Please watch…

March 5, 2010

Please take a moment to watch Jaime Oliver’s speech at the TED conference. He discusses what poor nutrition is doing to our country and our collective health. Through a culture of fast food, less home cooking and misrepresentation with food labeling, we have turned food into a dangerous weapon.

Jaime’s desire is to educate our nation’s children so that they may not fall into this cycle of poor eating habits. His facts about what our kids are eating at schools are harrowing and, sadly, all too true. He wants us to start teaching our children about food again by showing them how to cook, make better choices, and to take responsibility for what and how they are eating. So much of this is preventable, and he has real solutions that we can all partake in.

Take a moment to also visit his website at He also has a new show coming out on March 26th on ABC called “Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution” that follows his grassroots efforts to bring food education and a cooking initiative to the U.S.

I applaud his efforts and hope that his movement takes hold. Our kids deserve it!
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