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Hey Baby…

December 21, 2010

Sean called me out of the office the other day and told me to meet him in the front garden.  They were starting to harvest the heirloom baby lettuce heads that are growing in one of the shade houses.  I love the shade houses, because there is always something wonderful growing out there.  When we have basil the aroma is almost overwhelming (in a good way) and usually makes me hungry for Italian food.  The baby lettuce heads are a little more subtle.  There was a sweet, earthy smell, that mixed with the rain that was coming down, was so heavenly I wanted to bottle it.  The rows of lettuce were so beautiful and I was a little heartbroken that they were being picked.  However I have learned that on a farm, good things don’t last forever; but with enough time, patience, and work hard, they will come back.

Green Romaine

Red Curly Leaf

Red Mustard

Red Little Gem Lettuce

Batavian Lettuce

Sea of Red

Baby Bib

What a nice break mid-day!  (I do not miss cubicle life at all!)

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  1. Sheryl Valentiner permalink
    December 28, 2010 8:45 pm


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