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Morels! Morels! Morels!

March 24, 2011

I almost hate posting this, as we won’t actually have morels at the market.  We would if it wasn’t for a certain chef in Cave Creek who buys them up as quickly as we get them in.  (You know who you are Kevin Binkley.)  But, I think this little recipe will work nicely with any of the new mushrooms we have.  Marsha made this last night with morels and it was all I needed to eat.

Wash the mushrooms in very cold water.  Just like Payton’s instructions on his recipe.  Keep transferring the mushrooms from one bowl of cold water to another until the dirt is rinsed off. Then allow them to air dry.  Don’t handle them more than you have to and don’t use warm water.

Then heat a little olive oil on medium-high heat and brown the mushrooms just a little on each side.  Throw in some diced green garlic and shallots at the very end and allow them to quickly brown a little too.

Then serve.

Really – that’s it.

You can serve these with anything.  They are a nice side to a good steak, work well on top of crusty bread, can be tossed with a pasta, or, even better, just eat as is.  They are that good!

You can do this with any of the new mushrooms that we have at the market.  Marsha is partial to the black trumpets.

That said, the morels she prepared were amazing.  Right now morels are at the very beginning of the season.  By the end of April we hope to have a good supply to have available for you at the markets.  Until then, if you really want to know what you are missing out on, you know you can get them at Binkley’s.  If anyone in this valley is going to do something spectacular with morels, it would be Kevin.

(Or Marsha, but it is much harder to get a table here.)

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