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A visit from the doctor…

March 29, 2011

We were honored with a visit from Dr. Andrew Weil and his team this weekend, along with Chef Michael Stebner and family from True Food Kitchen.  We had met Dr. Weil last fall at the pre-opening dinner for True Food Kitchen in Scottsdale and he had expressed an interest in coming out to the farm.  The True Food Kitchens were designed around the principles of Dr. Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Food Pyramid.  The menu is created with the philosophy of using organic, seasonal produce and whole grains for optimal health, while being flavorful and enjoyable.   We have partnered with the True Food Kitchen restaurants at the Biltmore and the Scottsdale Quarter since they opened.  Dr. Weil who is a great believer in using local, organic produce was interested in coming to the farm to see what we have planted and how we grow such a variety of produce.

Bob took Dr. Weil, Michael and the group around the farm, explaining everything from how we use the shade houses, to the varieties of produce we use that thrive in our desert climate, to the organic materials used in combatting pests.  It was an interesting meeting of the minds.  Bob’s background and education are as a pharmacist.  With he and Dr. Weil both coming from the medical sciences, they spoke from the same perspective.  They discussed the science behind how we farm, as well as the medicinal benefits of different varieties of produce.  Dr. Weil is very knowledgable about organic farming and incorporates many of the same techniques, along with using some of the same seed varieties, in his own gardening.

Throughout the tour Dr. Weil was interested in trying the fava beans, the basil, green garlic and I’itoi onions.  He was very hands on wanting to taste, smell and study each of the plants.  They were of the same mind when it came to the personal wellness benefits that come from organic growing.

To hear a doctor, farmer and chef come together and discuss organic produce was enlightening and educational, even for someone who spends everyday here.  It was fascinating to get to tag along and listen.  Chef Michael Stebner has always been very supportive of our farm and has used our produce for years.  He had a number of ideas and ways that he incorporates different vegetables and herbs in his cooking.

We were honored to have Dr. Weil pay a visit.  He said that the farm had exceeded his expectations.  He is as gracious and knowledgeable as you would imagine.  We had a lovely morning with him and his team and the Stebner family.

As with everything that goes on around here, Aidan made sure he was a part of the action.  He gave his own tour to Michael Stebner’s two-year-old daughter.  Their tour involved a lot of playing tag in the citrus orchard and chasing through the gardens.  It maybe wasn’t as educational, but it was just as enjoyable.  She is the first person I have met that can wear out my son.   She, along with Dr. Weil and the rest of our guests, are welcome back any time.

For more information about Dr. Weil and a wealth of health advice, you may visit his site at

True Food Kitchen
Biltmore Fashion Park
2502 E. Camelback Road, #135
Phoenix, AZ 85016

True Food Kitchen
Scottsdale Quarter
15191 N. Scottsdale Road, #100
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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  1. August 6, 2011 6:44 pm

    a doctor, a farmer and a chef! this must’ve been such an amazing experience.

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