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Loving the new Lux…

August 9, 2011

Monday started with my coffee ending up in a dumped mess all over my desk.  Phone, keyboard, paperwork… nothing was spared.  I hadn’t even had a sip.  It was not pretty, and me without caffeine at that time of day isn’t either.  It was not a great start to the week.

But at least I knew that I was going to my happy place later in the day.  So there was that.

There are a few places that I know are automatic mood lifters to me, Lux on Central is one.  Just walking through the door makes me smile, every time without fail.

Lux is my first stop on Wednesday mornings when I head over to the Town & Country Farmers Market.  It is our last stop of the evening when we dining out in central Phoenix.  It is the go-to spot when my step-brother and sister are in town. I have been known to send them taunting photos of Lux lattes when they are away at school, like this one.

(Yes – I know it’s not nice to tease.)

So, knowing I was going to the opening evening of the new Lux last night was not going to let a little spilled coffee bring down my day.

Jeff Fischer moved his beloved coffee spot into the space next door, recreating the former boutique space into the now newly named Lux Central.  There is more seating, an open kitchen, an outdoor patio and a menu of assorted comfort foods, including a killer looking mac-n-cheese.  But the biggest change is now Lux Central also has a liquor license.

Yes – Lux Central is no longer just a coffee bar, it is also an actual wine, beer and cocktails bar too.

Jeff has managed to make the new space feel both homey and hip at the same time.  And judging from the crowd last night, the new changes are a huge hit with the Lux loyal.  Just as with before, every table was filled, but there were also plenty wandering around, drinks in hand, taking it all in.  The new outdoor patio was hopping, even in the August heat.  The walls all have Lux-worthy local art, that is never boring, and there were several cool vintage Olivetti typewriters throughout.

Katie Calahan, their bakery guru, was behind the counter of the new open kitchen sending out plate after plate of food.  Sammy Black was at the helm of the espresso machine making his lattes look as good as they taste.  He is an artist, both on paper and with steamed milk.  And I was happy to see Nathan Thompson, the barkeep from Nobuo at Teeter House, behind the bar bringing his mixology science to a thirsty crowd.  If you haven’t had one of his master crafted cocktails, you are missing out.  He is to spirits what Lux is to espresso.  To have them all together under one roof was a little mind-blowing.

So, after an inauspicious start to my day, I was more than happy to meet my stepbrother Justin, his lovely girlfriend Bianca, and his new roommate Anthony at the new Lux Central, and do something I have never done there before… have a glass of wine.

Congrats to Jeff and his team!  It looks amazing and, best of all, it still feels like Lux.

Lux Central
4400 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ  85012

P.S.  Go to their website, they have a cool time lapse video of the build out in progress.

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  1. August 17, 2011 1:22 am

    thanks for sharing the news, i had no idea! must check out the new lux soon

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