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How to garden…

October 19, 2011

We get questions a lot at the farmers’ markets about home gardening.  What and when to plant, how much to water, what types of soil to use, what grows in the desert??

Well, here is an answer to all of those questions…

Heather Taylor, who works at the markets with us, is teaching a six session class on food gardening through Urban Farm.  The Urban Farmer Gardening Intensive program will be held over three weeks with Thursday night sessions running from 6:30-9:00pm in a classroom to learn about assessing your gardening space, soil and tools, site preparation, building healthy soil and composting, and learning about watering methods, seeds types and mulching.  The Saturday sessions will be hands on in the garden and with a visit to a nursery to put these lessons into practice.

She will also talk about the benefits of home food gardening and how to do so economically for your family.  This is the first of these classes through Urban Farm, and they are being offered at an introductory price of $75/student for the six sessions.

Information on the class and registration is available on  The first class is Thursday, October 20th.  Yes, I know a little soon; however, if this is too soon for you, there are plans for future sessions that will be posted on the site.  They are planning to offer this course a three different sites around the Valley.

You can also download a free Desert Planting Calendar when you register on the Urban Farm site.  Heather swears this is the most comprehensive planting calendar for a desert climate that she has ever seen.  Registering will also put you on their mailing list for information on future classes and programs.

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