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Holiday Market Schedule

November 15, 2011

McClendon’s Select is looking forward to the coming Thanksgiving holiday next week.  We want to provide you and your family with our finest fruits and vegetables for all of your upcoming holiday festivities.

We are also looking forward to giving our employees some time off to spend with their own families during the season.  We want to give our customer’s a heads up that we will not be attending the Old Town Scottsdale Farmers’ Market on Saturday, November 26th after Thanksgiving, nor will we be attending the market on Christmas Eve, Saturday, December 24th.  Those are the only two markets we will be missing during the season.  The Old Town Scottsdale Market will be open on both of those Saturdays and we encourage you to visit and continue to support the market and vendors.  We will resume our normal market schedule after Christmas.

We do want to assure you that we will be at the Town & Country Farmers’ Market on Wednesday, November 23rd with a large selection for your Thanksgiving cooking.  In fact, we will be at every Town and Country market on every Wednesday throughout the holidays.

We are also excited that The Pie Girl’s at Love’s Kitchen, Beth and Ronna, will be joining us at the market on the 23rd, the day before Thanksgiving, with their heavenly pies.  They will be bringing pumpkin (of course), along with an incredible selection of pies including Bourbon Chocolate Pecan, Granny Smith Apple, Buttermilk Custard, Tollhouse Chocolate Chip and a Cranberry Chutney that Bob is raving about.  The Cranberry Chutney is also a nice vegan dish for your holiday table.  Their pies are not to be missed, but if you want to make sure not to miss them, I encourage you to get there early on the 23rd.  If you would like to place an order in advance, you may call them at 480.650.0088.

We hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and wish you much happy eating!


Town and Country – Nov. 23rd – OPEN
Old Town Scottsdale Market – Nov. 26th – CLOSED

Town and Country – Dec. 21st – OPEN
Town and Country – Dec. 28th – OPEN
Old Town Scottsdale Market – Dec. 24th – CLOSED
Old Town Scottsdale Market – Dec. 31st – OPEN

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