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Wished you were here…

April 3, 2012

The “Farmer+Chef+WineMaker=Connection” was held on the farm this past Sunday with an amazing dinner put on by Charleen Badman and her incredible crew from FnB and Sam Pillsbury pairing the courses with some of his wonderful wines from Pillsbury Wines.  The event started with an afternoon tour of the farm, giving the guests a chance to see the gardens, fields, and green houses here, and was followed by a reception and dinner out in the backfield by the high tunnel and all of the tomato plants.  There was a lot to be learned and more to be enjoyed.

And it was just so much fun.  Charleen’s food and Sam’s wines are perfectly matched.   Every course was inventive and had produce just picked from the farm.  It was fun to see so many colors and flavors fresh from the fields coming together on the plate.  There were combinations that I had never tried before, like grapefruit with white beets and pistachios that I loved.  The courses seemed unending… a savory bread pudding, freekah with fava beans, citrus marinaded quail, a roasted lamb that was out of this world, Gilfeather rutabaga, pickled veggies and a blood orange salad.  I know I am not remembering all of the courses.  I would have written them all down, but I was too busy enjoying them.  They had a cheese plate like the one I fell in love with at Baratin and a Meyer Lemon cake for dessert that elicited raves from the guests.

Sam had a different variety of wine for each new course, along with a little information about how it was produced.  It is wonderful to enjoy wine of that caliber produced right here in Arizona.  If you haven’t tried Pillsbury Wines, make sure to stop by when you are at the Old Town Farmers’ Market next time and pick up a bottle or three.  His WildChild White is a personal favorite.   His wines are served in many of the best restaurants around town and are also available for sale throughout the Valley at many local markets and wine stores.

It was wonderful to see how the combined passion of growing, producing and cooking could come together to create such a special evening.  Here is a little sample of what you missed…

This was our first dinner like this and it was a resounding hit.  Much thanks to Charleen and everyone at FnB and to Sam Pillsbury.  We plan to do future events on the farm highlighting the seasons and the talents of the different chefs we work with around the Valley.  I will keep you updated on upcoming events and hope that you can join us.  Stay tuned!!

FnB Restaurant
7133 East Stetson Drive
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
480.425. 9463

Pillsbury Wine Company

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  1. Linda Essary permalink
    April 4, 2012 8:54 pm

    Just want to say how much I enjoy your posts! You are so gifted at describing the food, the surroundings, the feelings… not to mention the fabulous pictures!

    I look forward to reading them much like I imagine people at one time waited for the Saturday Evening Post… 🙂 Thanks!

    Linda Essary 🙂
    Royal Covers, Royal Solar

  2. April 6, 2012 2:28 pm

    Pam & I thoroughly enjoyed being with you, seeing your amazing farm and the people who make it work, and especially the wonderful dinner. It was certainly a night to remember. Thank you!

    George Weaver
    Pamela Young

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