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A little look around…

February 25, 2013

Image 15

This is one of the prettiest times of year around here and one of the busiest.  We have so many wonderful things coming out of the ground right now and much more being planted.  It is fun seeing so much beauty around the farm and knowing the incredible dishes that will result.  I love nothing more than to see what the restaurants we work with do with our produce.  In recent weeks I have enjoyed the vegetable plate at Hillstone (maybe more than once), which always does such a fantastic job of showcasing on one plate the best of what we have during the season, a cauliflower dish at FnB that had an Asian twist that was out of this world, the antipasto at Pane Bianco with a beautiful array of roasted veggies, and the kale salad last night at Beckett’s Table which included slices of different citrus along with a sweet potato puree, pine nuts and parmesan that is now my new favorite way to eat kale.  All of it was incredible, and all of it starts out like this…

Image 22

Arugula in all stages of planting, growing and picking…

Image 28

Image 27

Image 29

Image 23

Fava beans just starting to grow…

Image 12

Freshly picked and washed carrots (I may have snagged two after I took the picture)…

Image 11

Baby cheddar cauliflower peeking out from underneath the big leaves…

Image 13

Rows of tiny radishes just beginning to come up…

Image 17

The Spigariello has now gone to seed and is done for the season, but the row of it is now covered with pretty yellow flowers and very busy bees…

Image 18

And, the happiest of news… we just picked crops for the first time today out at the farm at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  They have named the farm Hope Springs Organic Farm, which is very fitting since hope is what they do best.  It was exciting to see the farm start to produce after all of the months of work put into the ground.  Our first harvest at the Hope Springs Organic Farm included Bloomsdale Spinach, baby arugula and French Breakfast radishes.

Image 30

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  1. Shelley permalink
    February 25, 2013 10:28 pm

    Thank you do much for keeping us up to date with “farm happenings.” I was so excited to see cheddar califlower at the market this week! We wait all year for that. Wahoo!!

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