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Planning ahead…

August 23, 2013

Summer on the farm is when we catch up on projects, toy with new ideas, and prepare for the coming market season.  Sean has been busy on both the Peoria farm and Hope Springs farm at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America ripping, tilling, bed-forming and planting.  Or rather, making the ground go from this….

Image 7

to this…

Image 8

We have a number of fun things that are in the ground, getting ready for the fall markets.  Like rows of different types of squash, Yellow Crookneck, Jasper, Costata Romanesco, and Gold in rows in the south field…

Image 2

and baby arugula that is starting to pop up…

Image 3

and Marsha has about seventy large sunflowers drying that we will use for seed.  We hope to bring a number of these to the markets at the end of October to sell for seed so you can plant your own flowers or use in bird feeders or just hang up to decorate for the season…

Image 4

We have also been busy with some new ideas that we hope to bring to market later next year.  Bob recently visited an organic farm in California with these amazing heirloom tomatoes.  They are even more beautiful in person, and the flavors are incredible.  We are ordering seed so we can do the same and hope to be planting them next spring.

Image 10

We also have been experimenting with popcorn.  Not the kind you buy at store or from a movie theater, but popcorn that pops right from the cob.  We grew a few varieties of it this summer to see how it would work.  After it was picked, shucked and then dried for about 3-4 weeks, you can then pop it and serve.    Marsha gave the cobs a light coating of oil and then put them in a paper bag and microwaved it for about 30 seconds to a minute,  until they were done popping.  They went from this…

Image 11

to this…

Image 12


(Click on images to see view full size)

There would have been more popcorn, but Aidan was eating it so fast I could hardly get the photo.  We also hope to be able to offer this new popcorn at the market sometime next year.  With all that going on we are excited as all of you for the markets to begin again.

McClendon’s Select will be back at Town & Country Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays starting October 2nd and at the Old Town Farmers’ Market in Scottsdale on Saturdays starting October 26th.

See you then!

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  1. Paulla Reres permalink
    August 23, 2013 2:56 am

    Thanks for the update. So many good things!
    See you all soon!

    Sent from my iPhone

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