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We went to Tucson!

September 19, 2013

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McClendon’s Select has been working with restaurants in Flagstaff, Sedona and even Winslow for some time now, but we are happy to say that we are now working with restaurants in Tucson as well.   Some of our favorite restaurants from Flagstaff have opened new outposts in Tucson.  The owners of Brix and Criollo started a new concept called Proper on Congress Street, across from the Hotel Congress.  A few doors down, Diablo Burger also originally from Flagstaff, opened along with the Good Oak Bar.   Congress Street has become quite the hot spot in downtown Tucson.  This past weekend, Sean, Aidan and I had the chance to go down and see for ourselves.  It is quite the scene, especially on Second Saturday, when Congress Street comes alive with music on the streets with everything from mariachis to bagpipes, along with pop-up stores and food vendors and a whole array of performers.  Just people watching was entertaining.

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We had an amazing dinner at Proper, which was made all the more fun by running into an old friend.  As a vegetarian, she was thrilled when Proper opened and said that she eats there a few times a week. Everything we had was outstanding.  I would definitely be there a few times a week if it was possible.

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The Diablo Burger is on the same block and had that incredible aroma of their burgers and famous fries that fills the air, just like the one in Flagstaff.  This one is open to the sidewalk with a ton of indoor seating, and is definitely on our list to visit next trip.  They also opened the Good Oak Bar next door, which specializes in Arizona beer and wine and serves from the Diablo Burger menu.


On Sunday morning we stopped by the St. Philip’s Plaza farmers’ market, which has an incredible selection of  locally grown produce, meats and artisan foods.   It is a wonderful market with a huge variety and number of vendors.

Also very exciting, Chris Bianco is opening a Pizzeria Bianco’s on Congress Street later this fall.  We can’t wait!  He has been a long-time friend and supporter of the farm and we are excited that Tucson will get to enjoy his genius now too!

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Guess we will have to make another trip!

(Special thanks to Bernd for being our host and Tucson tour guide!)

300 East Congress Street
Tucson, AZ  85701

Diablo Burger/Good Oak Bar
316 East Congress Street
Tucson, AZ  85701

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  1. Jeffrey Brodin permalink
    September 19, 2013 9:15 pm

    I was in Tucson Saturday night for an art opening at Etherton Gallery of the work of Phoenix artist Mayme Kratz. We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at Penca on Broadway-thanks for recommendations for the next trip!

    Jeff Brodin

    ps. looking forward to your return to Town and Country on October 2!

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