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January 21, 2014


Tonight the newest member of the Haüs family opens – and I couldn’t be more excited!  The Taco Haüs is the brainchild of Chef Payton Curry and Dave Andrea, the duo who created the Brat Haüs.  Sean, Aidan and I got to have a preview dinner to sample the new menu last week and it will knock your socks off!  They brought the same wonderful vibe from the Brat Haüs but with a totally different direction in flavors.



The three of us had a hard time keeping up with all of the dishes Payton sent out for us to try – and an even harder time sharing.  The tacos are amazing – or so I heard, Aidan ate them too quick for me to get a bite.  And then he ordered more and did it again.  I forgave him, mostly because I was hoping he would stay distracted while Sean and I dove into the ceviche.  We tried the Halibut, the Scallops and the Ahi versions and all were outstanding.  The Halibut came with a mix of kohlrabi, radish, green onions and corn over the top and hint of citrus.  The Scallops had a warm vinaigrette of serrano peppers, with grilled corn, shallots and garlic.  And the Ahi, oh the Ahi, had a mix of mango, apple, sprouts and celery. Unbelievable!




As you would expect from Payton, the Taco Haüs serves only all-natural, hormone and antibiotic free meats and natural line caught fish, along with using our organic produce.  Even their tortillas are handmade on premise and are gluten free.  Eating tacos and ceviche this fresh feels like it should come with a sea breeze through the windows and the sound of waves crashing.



And make sure to leave a little room at the end of the meal, because the desserts are not to be missed.  My favorite was the Tres Leches, made by the lovely Mrs. Shantal Curry who is a formidable talent in the kitchen.  They also offer a wonderful flan and a chocolate bar covered in pomegranate seeds, sea salt, pecans and citrus zest, that I may have squirreled away for later.


I already have plans to go again… and again after that.  As does my son, who took his time filling out the comment card to lavish his own praise.


In Aidan’s own words, “this may sound like a car commercial, but this is great food at low prices.”

Well, okay then.

Taco Haus
7318 E. Shea Blvd.
Scottsdale, AZ  85254
Haus: 480.991.3437
Tacout: 480.991.3122

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  1. betsy fisch permalink
    January 22, 2014 7:27 pm

    we should eat at this place!

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