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Blood Oranges this week!

January 17, 2017


The Blood Oranges are ripe and will be making their debut this week at the markets.  Mother Nature always saves the best for last, which in this case is the Sanguinelli Blood Orange.  We harvest these small, but beautiful, blood oranges in the mornings.  Their depth of red color varies from one blood orange to the next, but they all have a nice sweet orange flavor with raspberry undertones. The red color is produced by Anthrocyanins which are powerful antioxidants with obvious health benefits.

Mary will be sampling these beauties at the Uptown Market tomorrow, along with Navel Oranges, which are also wonderfully sweet right now so you can compare for yourself.  Either makes a great snack or are perfect to juice.  Blood Orange juice is always a showstopper.  As always, make sure to get to the markets early, as Blood Oranges have a tendency to sell out quickly!

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