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Tomorrow at the markets…

March 23, 2018

Rainbow Chard

This beautiful Rainbow chard is from our second planting.  The color is so beautiful and the sweet, earthy flavor is a bit milder than spinach and goes so well with any number of dishes. With big tender leaves and crunch, colorful stalks, our organic Rainbow Chard is a stand out this spring.

I’itoi Onions

Our organic i’Itoi onions have amazing quality this spring.  They have a mild, shallot-like bulb and slightly spicy green.  They first propagated here by Tohono O’odham people, these onions have a long history in this region and pair well with local dishes.  These bunch onions were brought to this continent by the Franciscan Padres from Spain in the 1600’s and are listed on Slo Foods Ark of Taste.  Use the green tops as well as the bulb bottoms.  Genetically they are natures cross between a shallot and a green onion.

Orange Blossoms

Spring is here and with it comes the orange blossoms.  The bees are making the most of the season, working through our citrus groves to make their wonderful orange blossom honey.  Local honey has so many health benefits from countering pollen allergies to working as a powerful antioxidant, that it tastes so much better than anything you can buy in the store almost makes it too good to be real.

See you tomorrow at the markets!

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