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Artisan Romaine…

November 27, 2018


Tomorrow at the Uptown Wednesday farmers market we will be bringing plenty of our just harvested organic Artisan Romaine.  Our romaine, and all of our lettuce varieties, were not in any way involved with the CDC warning that came out last week.  All Arizona grown Romaine has been cleared by the CDC as safe to harvest and eat.  While this doesn’t get as widely broadcast and reported as when there is a warning, you may read about it here on a linked article from The Produce News.

We can assure you that our McClendon’s Select greens are grown, harvested and packaged with the strictest of food safety compliance.  If you ever have a question about how we grow, pick or wash our produce, please feel free to contact us or talk to Bob at one of the markets.  We want you to feel confident always in our produce.


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