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Blood Oranges…

January 4, 2019


Blood orange season is back!  Our organic Blood Oranges have a deep, rich red coloring and a wonderful sweet flavor.  The recent low nighttime temperatures may not have been good for a lot of flowers and ground vegetation, but the Blood Oranges love the cold and their color and flavoring both benefit from colder temperatures.  The anthocyanin pigment is what causes the deep red color and gives Blood Oranges that extra antioxidant boost.  Exposure to the cold helps develop the anthocyanin in Blood Oranges, which is why unlike other citrus, Blood Oranges can only properly develop in a few climates.  Luckily, Arizona offers the perfect climate to allow the trees to develop and fruit, and then have a few chilly nights to allow the Blood Oranges to truly flourish.

The segments and juice from our Blood Oranges add a dramatic splash to cocktails, salad or dressings.  And the juice freezes nicely for use throughout the year.  Pick some up tomorrow at the Scottsdale market, but come early, our Blood Oranges always sell out quickly.


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  1. January 4, 2019 11:03 pm

    Do you know whether the type you have is Sanguinello, Moro, or Tarocco?  

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