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Tomorrow at the markets…

March 23, 2018

Rainbow Chard

This beautiful Rainbow chard is from our second planting.  The color is so beautiful and the sweet, earthy flavor is a bit milder than spinach and goes so well with any number of dishes. With big tender leaves and crunch, colorful stalks, our organic Rainbow Chard is a stand out this spring.

I’itoi Onions

Our organic i’Itoi onions have amazing quality this spring.  They have a mild, shallot-like bulb and slightly spicy green.  They first propagated here by Tohono O’odham people, these onions have a long history in this region and pair well with local dishes.  These bunch onions were brought to this continent by the Franciscan Padres from Spain in the 1600’s and are listed on Slo Foods Ark of Taste.  Use the green tops as well as the bulb bottoms.  Genetically they are natures cross between a shallot and a green onion.

Orange Blossoms

Spring is here and with it comes the orange blossoms.  The bees are making the most of the season, working through our citrus groves to make their wonderful orange blossom honey.  Local honey has so many health benefits from countering pollen allergies to working as a powerful antioxidant, that it tastes so much better than anything you can buy in the store almost makes it too good to be real.

See you tomorrow at the markets!

St. Patrick’s Day Cabbage…

March 16, 2018


Tomorrow for St. Patrick’s Day we will have this beautiful organic cabbage ready for you, along with plenty of potatoes, carrots and onions for any celebratory dishes you may be making.  There will also be an abundance of sugar snap peas available.

We are also bringing our new organic lavender soap to the market.  This newest addition to our soap line is a new formulation and is really nice.  The smell of lavender is pleasant, but mild enough so that it is not overwhelming or too cloying.  I have been loyal to the peppermint for years, but this is my new favorite.  Try one for yourself tomorrow.

See you at the market!

Tomorrow at Uptown…

March 13, 2018


Look at these beauties!  The baby organic carrots that are being harvested right now are gorgeous, sweet, and tender… they are perfect!  We will have plenty on hand tomorrow at the Uptown Wednesday market, along with plenty of potatoes, onions, and of course, organic cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day!

See you tomorrow at the market!

Sugar Snap Peas…

March 9, 2018


The Sugar Snap Peas have just begun harvest today and will be at the Old Town Scottsdale farmers market tomorrow morning.  This first picking is wonderful.  They are tender and lightly sweet and, if history serves, will be wildly popular tomorrow morning.  So make sure to come early to pick some up.  We will also have some beautiful baby mixed colored carrots and baby round carrots, along with baby Batavian lettuce heads.  See you at the market tomorrow!

Artisan Romaine Hearts…

March 6, 2018


As the weather grows more beautiful in March the fields are producing gorgeous organic leafy greens.  These organic Artisan Romaine Hearts are once again available.  They are bursting with flavor and the leaves are crisp.  The quality doesn’t get any better.  We are also coming to the end of Meyer Lemon season.  There will still be some available at tomorrow’s market.  They are perfect to juice and freeze for future use.

We will see you tomorrow at the Uptown market!


Tomorrow at the Uptown market…

February 20, 2018


This beautiful Broccolini was a huge hit at the Saturday market and will be back tomorrow at the Uptown Wednesday market.  Easy to prepare, incredibly nutritious and wonderfully flavored, this is an easy side for any meal prep.  For ideas on how to prepare it, see our previous post here.  We will also have a full assortment of fresh picked organic citrus, lettuce greens, fennel, red and green cabbages, sunchokes, Easter Egg, French Breakfast and Watermelon radishes, I’itoi onions and bunches of Green Spring Garlic, along with all of your other favorites.  The weather will be cool, but clear and perfect for shopping.

See you tomorrow at Uptown!




February 16, 2018


This gorgeous Broccolini will be at the Old Town Scottsdale Farmers’ market tomorrrow.  Broccolini is similar to broccoli, but with smaller florets and longer, thicker stalks.   It is quite rich in both flavor and nutrients such as Vitamins A and calcium, with one serving of broccolini also contains your daily value of Vitamin C.  It is quick to prepare, just give a small trim to the end of the stalks and then either a quick blanch in boiling salt water or you can roast or grill it along side other items you are preparing.  A little garlic or lemon zest adds to the flavor, but honestly it has enough flavor to be enjoyed on its own.

We are back to our normal Saturday schedule tomorrow and look forward to seeing everyone in Scottsdale and at the Uptown markets.