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Artisan Romaine Hearts…

March 6, 2018


As the weather grows more beautiful in March the fields are producing gorgeous organic leafy greens.  These organic Artisan Romaine Hearts are once again available.  They are bursting with flavor and the leaves are crisp.  The quality doesn’t get any better.  We are also coming to the end of Meyer Lemon season.  There will still be some available at tomorrow’s market.  They are perfect to juice and freeze for future use.

We will see you tomorrow at the Uptown market!


Tomorrow at the Uptown market…

February 20, 2018


This beautiful Broccolini was a huge hit at the Saturday market and will be back tomorrow at the Uptown Wednesday market.  Easy to prepare, incredibly nutritious and wonderfully flavored, this is an easy side for any meal prep.  For ideas on how to prepare it, see our previous post here.  We will also have a full assortment of fresh picked organic citrus, lettuce greens, fennel, red and green cabbages, sunchokes, Easter Egg, French Breakfast and Watermelon radishes, I’itoi onions and bunches of Green Spring Garlic, along with all of your other favorites.  The weather will be cool, but clear and perfect for shopping.

See you tomorrow at Uptown!




February 16, 2018


This gorgeous Broccolini will be at the Old Town Scottsdale Farmers’ market tomorrrow.  Broccolini is similar to broccoli, but with smaller florets and longer, thicker stalks.   It is quite rich in both flavor and nutrients such as Vitamins A and calcium, with one serving of broccolini also contains your daily value of Vitamin C.  It is quick to prepare, just give a small trim to the end of the stalks and then either a quick blanch in boiling salt water or you can roast or grill it along side other items you are preparing.  A little garlic or lemon zest adds to the flavor, but honestly it has enough flavor to be enjoyed on its own.

We are back to our normal Saturday schedule tomorrow and look forward to seeing everyone in Scottsdale and at the Uptown markets.

Sugar Snap Peas…

February 13, 2018


We will have these beautiful organic Sugar Snap Peas at the Uptown Wednesday market tomorrow.  According to all of our weather monitoring, it will be perfect shopping weather during the market hours.  Light showers are expected to start early afternoon tomorrow and last through the evening, but the morning will be clear, so come early and stock up for your Valentine’s Day.

Noble Bread will also be with us at the market and will have the new Noble Imperial Blend bread available.  This new variety has been a hit, so make sure you grab one for yourself.


Come to the Uptown Saturday farmers market this weekend…

February 8, 2018

Due to the Parada del Sol parade this coming Saturday, McClendon’s Select will not be at the Old Town Scottsdale farmers market this weekend.  The parade route surrounds three sides of the market, making parking and accessibility very difficult if not impossible for both our produce trucks and for market customers.  The streets surrounding the market will also be blocked off for the parade from 6:00am to 1:00pm.  Some vendors will be in Scottsdale to provide food for parade spectators, but for our shoppers who visit the market to stock up for the week, we suggest you visit the Uptown market this Saturday.  Bob will be at Uptown with a large inventory of our McClendon’s Select organic produce.  We will bring an abundance to Uptown to take care of our shoppers from both Saturday market locations.

The Uptown Saturday market is located at the North Phoenix Baptist Church on the southeast corner of Central Avenue and Bethany Home Road.  Bob will be at Uptown from 8:00am to noon.  We will return to our regular Scottsdale schedule on Saturday, February 17th.

Thank you – and see you at Uptown!


Tomorrow at Uptown…

February 7, 2018


This month is the height of our citrus season.  The warming weather with cool evenings have made our citrus come to life.  Tomorrow at the Uptown Wednesday market we will have Meyer and Lisbon Lemons, Ruby and Rio Red Grapefruit, Honeybell Tangelos, as well as Mandarin and Navel Oranges (pictured) available.  And of course, beautiful bright red Blood Oranges to jazz up a special Valentine’s Day meal (or cocktail)!


Citrus season…

February 2, 2018


McClendon’s Select citrus is at the height of its season right now.  We will have a huge offering at the Old Town Scottsdale and Uptown farmers’ markets tomorrow including: Tangelos, Cara Cara oranges, Navel oranges, Tangerines, Meyer and Lisbon lemons, Ruby and Rio Red grapefruit, and of course the star of the show, Blood oranges.   These are the best way to add a little vitamin C to your day.  I have been adding citrus to all of my cooking lately, but truthfully, nothing beats just enjoying freshly squeezed juice.

We will also have plenty of ingredients on hand to help your prep for watching the big game.  There will be everything you need to make guacamole, salsa or a colorful cruidite platter.

See you at the markets!