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Tomorrow at the markets…

February 22, 2019

Little gem redAs you can see our fields have loved the rain of the past two days.  Our organic little gem lettuces have thrived as a result.  Fortunately the weather will clear in time for the Saturday morning markets.  We will be set up at both the Uptown and Scottsdale locations tomorrow morning, along with Noble Bread, and will have plenty to offer.  The forecast calls for cool, sunny weather, as this winter storm will be passing out of the Valley tonight.  We are looking forward to the return of sunny skies.

See you tomorrow at the markets!


Back to the market…

February 15, 2019

baby lettuce mix

McClendon’s Select is back at the Old Town Scottsdale Farmers’ Market tomorrow and will be there with our regular hours for the rest of the season.  Our gorgeous organic baby salad mix was just picked and is beautiful. Come pick some up tomorrow along with some Noble Bread at either our Scottsdale or Uptown markets!

See you tomorrow at the market!


McClendon’s Select Market Schedule

Uptown Wednesday Farmers’ Market
Wednesdays from 8:00am – 1:00pm
Located on the southeast corner of Central Avenue and Bethany Home Road. On the grounds of the North Phoenix Baptist Church.

Old Town Scottsdale Farmers’ Market
Saturdays 8:00am – 1:00pm
Located on the Southwest Corner of 1st Street & Brown in Scottsdale. Brown is one block East of Scottsdale road. 1st street is two blocks South of Indian School road.

Uptown Saturday Farmers’ Market
Year Round Every Saturday 8:00am – 1:00pm
Located on the southeast corner of Central Avenue and Bethany Home Road. On the grounds of the North Phoenix Baptist Church.


Come to the Uptown Saturday market…

February 8, 2019


Come to the Uptown Saturday market tomorrow…

Due to the Parada del Sol parade this coming Saturday, McClendon’s Select will not be at the Old Town Scottsdale farmers market this Saturday, Feb. 9th. The parade route surrounds all sides of the market, making parking and accessibility very difficult if not impossible for both our produce trucks and for market customers.  The streets surrounding the market will also be blocked off for the parade from 6:00am to 1:00pm.

For our customers we suggest you visit the Uptown market this Saturday. There will be a large inventory of our McClendon’s Select organic produce.  The Uptown Saturday market is located at the North Phoenix Baptist Church on the southeast corner of Central Avenue and Bethany Home Road.  We will return to our regular Scottsdale schedule on Saturday, February 16th.

Thank you – and see you at Uptown!

Tomorrow at the Uptown Market…

February 5, 2019

romanescoMcClendon’s Select will be bringing this gorgeous organic Romanesco Cauliflower to the Uptown market tomorrow Our organic Romanesco is one of the most interesting and beautiful things we grow. The unusual appearance of repeating pyramids is because it is a naturally occurring fractal.  It is also delicious and can be prepared just as you would any other type of cauliflower.  We will also have our Asparagus, which is so fresh and tender right now.

Come see us and Noble Bread tomorrow!





February 1, 2019

asparagusOur Asparagus has started to pop out of the ground.  It is so tender and flavorful. We cut it early before it gets too long so that it stays tender from tip to base.  All it needs is about 1/8″ cut off the base to freshen up the cut end.  The season should last about two months depending on the weather.

McClendon’s Select will be at both Uptown and Scottsdale Farmers’ Markets tomorrow with our Asparagus, plus plenty of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to help you prepare a spread for the big game.  And we will definitely have what you need to make guacamole!

There will be no rain until late Saturday night, so we are anticipating beautiful weather for shopping the market.  Come visit us and Noble Bread!

See you tomorrow at the markets!


Organic Arugula

January 29, 2019


The quality of our organic Arugula is excellent.  It has large leaves and a wonderfully spicy arugula flavor. This is one of the best harvests we have seen. It is much less stemmy than wild Arugula and has a better flavor and shelf life.  I throw Arugula into almost every dish I make, from pastas to stews and using a bed of it when serving proteins.  I also use half Arugula and half of our salad mix of baby lettuce greens together every night for our salad.  It adds such a nice burst of flavor and color to everything.

Pick some up tomorrow at the Uptown Wednesday market along with some Noble Bread (our Arugula is pretty great on sandwiches too)!


January 18, 2019


This organic Broccolini was just harvested for our markets tomorrow at the Old Town Scottsdale Farmers’ market and the Uptown Saturday market.  Broccolini is similar to broccoli, but with smaller florets and longer, thicker stalks.

It is quick to prepare.  Give it a small trim to the end of the stalks.  Then you can give it a quick blanch in boiling salt water, steam it, or it can be roasted or grilled along side other items you are preparing.  A little garlic or lemon zest adds to it nicely, but honestly it has enough flavor to be enjoyed on its own.

See you tomorrow at the markets!